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Turbo Blower Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Kay International Pvt Ltd is a leading Turbo blower manufacturers and suppliers in India. We manufacture and supply the complete range of turbo blower at the best price.

A turbo blower produces compressed air with an impeller rotating at high speed. High speed turbo blowers use a direct-coupled impeller that is directly connected to a permanent magnet synchronous motor operated by a variable frequency drive (VFD) for reaching higher speeds and at the same time enabling flow control. It’s a single stage, centrifugal-type turbo blower consisting of state-of-the-art bump type air bearings, a high precision, aluminum alloy impeller, a high-speed permanent magnet motor, an inverter VFD, and an air cooling system.

The USP of the machines are-

World best efficiency machine.

High speed permanent magnet motor.

Air foil bearing.

100% oil less system.

Variable flow rate control in operation range.

Low vibration & low noise.

Easy to use , installation & maintance.

More than 30% energy saving