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Welcome To Kay Blowers

Kay Blowers is one of the leading blower and pump manufacturers and suppliers in India. We offer a variety of blowers and pumps, such as high pressure blowers, vacuum blowers, gas pumps, blower ac, turbo blowers, roots blowers, vacuum pumps, air blowers, industrial blowers.

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Precision. Perfection. Pride.
…three cornerstones that have been consistent for over five decades and brought us amongst the leaders in pressure and vacuum technology in the current time. Founded by Mr. K.L.Arora in 1966 (the present Chairman & Managing Director), the company holds a great reputation derived from the incredible advancement in technology for various industries, good decision-making ability, a practical vision and a remarkable workforce. From a micro unit with small infrastructure to the industry giant, KAY International Private Limited has risen beyond expectations and is active throughout the country and abroad.
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Precision. Perfection. Pride. And that’s what we always believe in.
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What Sets us Apart?

With 50 years of experience, we have mastered the art of pressure and vacuum technology. We believe that quality of our products should speak for us. Practicing innovation and adopting technological upgrades, we are in constant pursuit of excellence. Every process of ours are tried, tested and proven to be the most effective one for any given scenario. And this is a never – ending procedure. Keeping customers at the forefront, we ensure their requirements are met without fail and on that foundation we build trust and long – lasting relationships.
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Quality you can rely on…

KAY International Private Limited has been known for its quality assurance. We have been industry leader in providing the best quality, not only in product but also in our services and process. At Kay we believe quality is shows in the excellence of products, services and application solutions that we provide to our customer. Our comprehensive quality assurance is practiced within the Kay Group which has been optimized by a quality campaign integrating the entire staff. Thereby, making our products and application solutions something you can trust on.
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Delivering the finest solution

Moving with time is our motto, we believe is staying in touch with the latest trends in the Industry. Our solutions have been perfected and customized to meet the needs of our urbanized customers. Our up to date technology and best in the industry solution helps us deliver nothing but the best to our customer. Our everyday motivation is to work towards perfecting the finest solution in pressure and vacuum technology.


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